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Tutorial: Everything You Need to Know About Using Auto Exposure Bracketing


Exposure bracketing is the practice of taking several exposures – at least two, usually more – of the same scene. With each exposure taken, the goal is to vary the exposure time, effectively giving you more range to work with in post when all is said and done. Nowadays such capability is implemented into the firmware of cameras, allowing you to automatically set this up and capture all of the exposure with only one press of the shutter.

But figuring out just how to utilize these capabilities and understanding what various settings do can be a struggle. Here to help is Mark Wallace of Adorama TV to help walk through the process of setting up and capturing a scene using auto exposure bracketing.


Wallace dives into just enough detail to present all the information needed, without just meandering on unnecessarily. The video comes in at seven in a half minutes, so whether you have some time over lunch or want to save it for later this evening, be sure to give it a watch.

You can keep up with Wallace and his work for Adoroma on his site and Adorama’s YouTube channel.

(via Picture Correct)