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An Infographic on Creating Sustainability in the Photography Industry



Photographers often grumble about the rise of hobbyist photographers who charge little to no money across all kinds of photographic niches, robbing hard working professionals of clients and flooding the market with subpar results.

Instead of simply being discontent about how the industry has been changing, photographers Geoff Johnson and Kameron Bayne decided to do something about it. They’ve created Fotoseeds, a business that aims to make professional photography a sustainable profession by educating photographers, helping them grow their businesses, and doing away with insecurity and ignorance.

To explain the recent trends in photography and to offer some pointers on how aspiring professionals can jump into the game wisely and responsibly without hurting the industry as a whole, they’ve created the following easy-to-follow and interesting-to-read infographic.

Here’s the description:

So you love photography, right? Have you thought how you can continue to do what you love? This is the story of how the photography community can become sustainable long-term. We hope it helps clarify some common misconceptions and how we all can be a part of the solution. Pass it on.


You can find a much higher resolution version of this infographic here (you know, for if you want to create an extremely long poster for your… skyscraper). You can also follow along with Johnson and Bayne’s efforts over on Fotoseeds.

Image credit: Infographic by Geoff Johnson and Kameron Bayne/Fotoseeds