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Back to Basics: Quick and Easy Tutorial on Using Curves in Camera Raw & Photoshop


Over the years, Adobe has made image editing programs like Photoshop and Camera Raw much more intuitive and easy to use so that it’s not quite so intimidating for beginners to dive in, but one of the adjustments that still scares many first timers is Curves.

As Bryan O’Neil Hughes puts it in the Photoshop Playbook video above, “something about wrangling a diagonal line to yield a proper exposure just isn’t very intuitive,” and so he’s dedicated 5 minutes of his time to show the newbies some of the ‘friendliest’ and most ‘approachable’ ways to use Curves in Photoshop and Camera RAW.


If you know a beginner who could use this info, or if you yourself are that beginner, pass along or check out the video above. And, as always, feel free to drop further tips and tricks in the comments down below.