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Timelapse Captures Triple Lightning Strike on Three of Chicago’s Tallest Buildings


Some contend that there are no fireworks shows that can best mother nature’s display during an intense thunderstorm, and the video above by Chicago-based videographer Craig Shimala goes a long way in confirming their belief.

This particular video, a “highlight reel of all the lightning [Shimala] was able to capture during the evening of June 30th 2014 in Chicago,” features a not-quite-unique trifecta of lightning strikes in the windy city.

The electrifying shot was captured while filming a time-lapse of an incoming storm from his home. Using a Canon 7D with 8mm fisheye lens, 50mm lens, 17-40mm and a GoPro Hero2, Shimala managed to capture a triple lightning strike on three of Chicago’s tallest buildings: Willis Tower, Trump Tower and the John Hancock Building.


A rather impressive feat — both on behalf of mother nature for presenting the opportunity and Shimala for capturing it — the most surprising thing is that this isn’t the first time he’s captured a triple strike on these three buildings. You can see the other instance in this video from 4 years ago.

The ‘highlight reel’ comes in at a minute and a half, but the unicorn-zeus hybrid of an event takes place just past the :35 mark if you want to skip straight to it. Check it out for yourself at the top and then head over to Shimala’s website to see more of his work.

(via Colossal)