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The New OK Go Music Video is an Optical Illusion Tour de Force Shot in a Single Take


The indie rock band OK Go has an uncanny ability to come up with some of the most creative, fun and visually compelling videos in the entire music industry. Over the years we’ve featured several of the music videos they’ve come up with, and today we have another that is perhaps the most impressive of them all.

Released yesterday, the band’s video for “The Writing’s On the Wall” toys with you by presenting one optical illusion after another. And what’s more, it was all shot in a single continuous take! (after 50 tries and 3 weeks of rehearsals…)

True, it’s not strictly photography-related — we beg the purists’ forgiveness — but what it lacks in relevance it makes up for in creativity and inspiration. We can’t think of a better way to waste 4 minutes at work today. Enjoy!

(via Laughing Squid)