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500px Prime Changes the Licensing Game, Lets Clients Search by Gender Preference

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500px already ‘changed the game,’ or at the very least raised the bar, when the photo sharing site launched the 500px Prime licensing marketplace. Initially said to offer a 30% cut to photographers, they actually listened to feedback and flipped that number on its head before the final release. Now, those 500px users who want to license their work through 500px Prime make a 70% cut off the top.

But 500px is determined to keep shaking things up, which is why, today, they’ve decided to put some of the piles of social network data they have at their disposal to use and let clients search the service by gender preference. And this, they promise, is just the beginning.

You heard it here first, 500px Prime has unleashed search by gender affinity. But this isn’t just a fun parlor trick that you can use to poke fun at the fact that the fourth most popular “nature” photo for men is a pretty girl. This is an incredibly useful tool for those people and companies who are looking to license images.

500px_Search  nature  women

If you’re a marketer who has a specific demographic you’re trying to reach, where are you going to go searching for images? The marketplace where you can better target that demographic by filtering your images based on gender preference, or the one where you’re just kind of guessing? That’s the no-brainer that 500px Prime is banking on.

Oh, and since you were curious, here are those men’s nature results… to our credit, it took like 12 images before an adult content one came up:

500px_Search  nature  men

But the best part about this update is that it’s the first of more to come. 500px Prime is nowhere near done helping marketers better target the people they’re trying to reach (and dupe into buying their stuff… but that’s secondary).

Using the ‘billions of social signals’ they’ve gathered (and continue to gather) over the years, 500px is excited to move towards “creating a complete demographic data offering” through Prime.

Other data such as location will eventually make it onto the filters as well. And to demonstrate how important that kind of information can be, 500px has created the infographic below that breaks down both gender and geographic preferences.

There are some real gems in there, like the fact that the Spanish-speaking Argentina, Spain and Mexico all gravitated towards the same image despite vast geographic separation, and that Japan and South Africa in fact favored images nobody else did, making them quite independent in their tastes:


“We’re really excited about the opportunity to revolutionize the creative process. By leveraging the billions of social interactions our members have had with each other on the site, we’re able to offer insightful data and metrics that no one else can. We feel this data will change the way creatives source content for their briefs.” said Evgeny Tchebotarev, Head of Product and co-founder of 500px.

“We have strong ties with our photographer community and offer the most competitive royalty structures in the entire industry. Being able to support photographers has been at the core of 500px since its inception.”

And this, it seems, is a solid step in that direction. To find out more about 500px Prime, or sign up to contribute yourself, head over to the service’s website by clicking here.

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