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MBLOK: 256GB of Bluetooth-Accessible Storage that Fits in the Palm of Your Hand



What happens when ‘the cloud’ gets personal? According to Kwelea Inc., you end up with MBLOK. Deemed “one memory for all devices,” MBLOK is a pocket-sized SSD with integrated Bluetooth technology that allows you to store and access data from up to 7 mobile devices, all on the go.

Currently seeking funding through Kickstarter, MBLOK isn’t the first device of this kind, but it’s certainly one of the smallest and most unique options.

The video above fails to mention many specs, so we’ll break it down for you in text. The MBLOK manages to pack in up to 256GB of storage, transfer speeds of up to 24Mbit/s and as many as 300 hours of battery life, all into a device the size of the charging block you use to charge your mobile phone.

The idea behind MBLOK is to get rid of the need for Internet access and keep your photos and files more private (even more so thanks to 128-bit encryption) rather than storing them in the cloud on services like Dropbox or Google Drive. And since it’s capable of connecting up to 7 devices at once, all of your family and/or friends can make use of the device on the go.


MBLOK runs off its own operating system and is currently compatible with iOS and Android devices through a proprietary app. As stretch goals are reached via Kickstarter, the MBLOK team will work on developing for Blackberry, Microsoft, and even smart watch devices given enough capital.

The MBLOK should particularly appeal to photographers for a plethora of reasons: from being able to transfer the mobile phone photos that are filling up your device, to acting as a portable portfolio of sorts, allowing you to access high-resolution photos and show them off to clients no matter where you are.


Over on their Kickstarter campaign, the 128GB and 256GB MBLOK are available for $190 CAD (~$175 USD) and $280 CAD (~$260 USD), respectively, to the first 160 funders. Once those are gone, the prices go up to $250 CAD (~$230 USD) and $350 CAD (~$322 USD).

The MBLOK has already raised about $30k of the $120k they need. Given that there are 28 days left in the campaign, successful funding looks promising, but if you’d like to take advantage of the ‘Early Bird’ specials, you’re going to want to hop on over there and secure your pledge soon.