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Google Glass Becomes Available to the US Public for a Cool $1.5K



If you’ve wanting to get your paws on a pair of Google Glass, your chances have been few and far between… until now. As of today, Google is opening up the sales of the Google Glass headset to all of the United States, assuming they’re in stock and you have $1.5k to burn.

In due time, sales will expand beyond the US once Google decides to make a bigger push in the consumer market, but until then they’re working hard to bring down the cost and make the software/hardware more reliable.

As a sort of “Thank You” to early adopters, Google put together the video above, giving a shoutout to those first explorers who gave the world a first-person view of their life through Google Glass.

And now it’s your turn! If you’re looking to get a pair, you can head over to the Google Glass store, become an “Explorer” and grab yourself a Glass headset by clicking here.