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Adorable Photos of 4-Year-Old Instagram Sensation Mimicking High Fashion Shots



Ryker Wixom is the most fashionable 4-year-old you’re likely to meet this side of a black AMEX, and given how fast his Instagram star is rising, you’re likely to at least hear about him before long.

Together with his mom Collette Wixom, the duo have started a fashion blog/Instagram account/Facebook page called Ministylehacker, whose followers number in the tens of thousands.


As Ms. Wixom explains, “This all started when a friend showed me pictures of a few “fashion kids” on Instagram.” She thought they looked cute, but figured that the Gucci belt and Ferragamo shoes some of these kids were sporting were a little bit out of her (and in fact most parents’) price range.

And so she set out to copy these looks with her kids, Ryker and Grey, using clothes normal hard-working parents with a mortgage and car payment could actually afford. “I thought it would be fun to “hack” the style of men in fashion and show other parents how they could do the same.”

What she didn’t expect was the viral response she got to photos like the ones you see above and below:











On the Ministylehacker About page, Ms. Wixom explains that Ryker is neither a model nor an actor, and offers some advice for moms that need help getting their boys to behave in front of the camera:

He is a regular kid who does regular kid things. I am able to get him to “pose” by making it fun for him. We use our imaginations a ton and have a great time while doing so. If you see him with his hands in his pockets, he is holstering his imaginary laser guns. If you see him leaning against a wall, he is trying to push it over with his body weight. If your child hates having their picture taken, give imaginative play a try!

Great advice from a Mom who clearly knows how to get some great shots! To see more photos of Ryker striking fashion model-inspired poses with some help from imaginary laser guns, head over to the Ministylehacker website, Instagram or Facebook page by clicking on the corresponding links.

(via Daily Beast via SLR Lounge)

Image credits: Photographs by Collette Wixom and used with permission