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CNN iReport Invites Google Glass Owners to Become Citizen Journalists



In a world where cell phone photography and videography is as prevalent as it is, CNN’s iReport has manage to become a fairly successful citizen journalism service, allowing users from across the globe to upload their eye-witness and breaking news. The service essentially crowdsources breaking news, but iReport is about to take it a step further than even the smartphone allows for.

Last week, CNN announced that iReport will now feature support for capturing and uploading video and photos to its service through Google Glass. To participate in this citizen journalism in its most hi-tech form, you must own a Google Glass headset, download the app, and allow CNN to send you notifications and link your iReport account.

A few individuals have already signed up with more and more doing so each day. To view the first ever iReport on Google Glass, head on over to CNN’s website by clicking here.

(via The Next Web via Engadget)