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Baby Photographer Anne Geddes Shares About Her Life and Work


When it comes to baby photography, there’s one name that sticks out above all of the rest: Anne Geddes. An Australian native currently living and working out of New York City, Geddes has made her name synonymous with cute photographs of newborns and children. In honor of Mother’s Day, CBS aired this short feature on her and her work.

As a mother herself, Geddes’ baby photography career began with her own children, with the first photograph she remembers taking in such a fashion being one she used as a family Christmas card. Her children have since grown up and now often help their mother operate her photography business through management and social media.


She eventually ventured further into baby photography, when a certain image in particular seemed to catapult her career beyond what she could’ve ever imagined. It was a photograph of a little baby in a flower pot, with the two small hands holding onto the edges and a wooly hat sticking out of the top.

That single photograph gave her the idea for her first book, Down In the Garden, which became the first of two bestsellers. Geddes has gone on to sell over 19 million books in over 84 countries — impressive numbers, to say the least.


Beyond just her photography work though, she’s set up her own philanthropic endeavors, raising money to help stop child abuse, even teaming up with March of Dimes and the United Nations.

Her latest book, titled Little Blessings combines some of her latest baby photography with favorite quotes of hers about children and motherhood, all as a reminder of the joy and love her own daughters brought her upon having them and raising them.

If you’d like to take a look at all of her book offerings and more, you can head on over to her website’s product page, and if you’re just looking for some cute baby photos to browse through online, you can do so over on the gallery page.

With Mother’s Day being just around the corner, it might be a great opportunity to go out and grab her one of Geddes’ books to remind her of the days when you weren’t so big.

Image credits: Video and screenshots by CBS