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Samsung NX3000 is a SMART Camera That Can Take Your Selfies For You



Samsung today announced the new NX3000, a mirrorless camera that blends retro styling, beefier specs, and improved connectivity.

At the core of the camera is a 20.3MP APS-C CMOS sensor that has ISO of up to 25,600. Shutter speed goes up to 1/4000, and the continuous shooting speed is 5 frames per second.

One of the interesting aspects of the camera is its “focus on selfies.” Not only does it have a 3-inch flip-up display that’s viewable from the front, but the NX3000 also boasts a new feature called “Wink Shot.” Once you have the camera pointed at yourself and your face framed, simply wink at the camera to have it capture a selfie for you. No more fumbling around for the shutter button while grasping the camera body backwards.

Connectivity-wise, the NX3000 (like all of Samsung’s 2014 SMART cameras) offers Wi-Fi and NFC for transferring photographs. If you have an NFC-enabled device such as a smartphone or tablet, you’ll be able to pair your camera with it simply by touching the two devices together. Once paired, you’ll be able to do rapid file transfers, easy sharing with friends, and use your smartphone as a remote for your camera.





When the NX3000 becomes available (the release date has not yet been announced), it will be offered in black, white, and brown, and will come with Adobe Lightroom 5. One of the kits will cost $479 and will include a 20-50mm lens and a SEF-8 flash unit, and the second kit will cost $529 and will include a 16-50mm OIS Power Zoom and an SEF-8 flash.