Church Security Camera Captures What It’s Like to Be Inside a Tornado

Want to see what it’s like to be inside a tornado? Check out this eye-opening footage captured by a security camera at St. Luke’s United Methodist Church in Tupelo, Mississippi. Things go from relative calmness to chaos and destruction in a matter of minutes.

The April 28th tornado ended up flinging trees everywhere, ripping up much of the playground, and doing massive amounts of damage to the church itself (it could take up to two years for the building to reopen).

This isn’t the first time a camera has captured a direct hit from a tornado. Just last year, we shared imagery captured from stormchasers who intentionally drove their tank-like vehicle into the middle of an EF4 tornado. There was also some up-close footage captured by a man who stuck his cell phone’s camera through a little gap in his storm shelter.