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Security Cam Survives Direct Hit from Nashville Tornado, Records the Whole Thing


A security camera in the heart of Nashville, TN somehow managed to survive a direct hit from the devastating EF3 tornado that ripped through the city on March 3rd. The resulting footage is eye-opening.

The video was first shared on Twitter a few days ago by Metro Nashville PD.

“This was recorded by an MNPD Safety Camera mounted at Jefferson Street & 3rd Ave N,” reads the caption. “The camera continued to record on battery power for a short time after it lost electricity. Despite water damage to the camera housing, the stored video survived.”

The tornado really starts to hit around the 25 second mark, and by 45 seconds the scene looks apocalyptic. Sparks fly as wires are severed, stop lights go flying, and debris is dragged across the frame, before the camera is completely swallowed up in the water and wind. It’s a miracle the security cam wasn’t ripped off its perch.

For a second-by-second breakdown of the footage that was captured and what was happening on the scene during this harrowing 2-minute clip, check out this in-depth report by the Washington Post. As you can see from their satellite maps, the core of the tornado struck the camera “almost dead on” as it carved a path through downtown Nashville.