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THIS is How You Sell a Lens on Craigslist: The Classified Ad to End All Classified Ads



Talented photographer and web designer Sasha Juliard just won Craigslist for photographers everywhere, because even if you’re not in the market for a Tokina 11-16mm f/2.8 lens, you’re going to end up reading his entire classified ad from start to finish. (Warning: The ad contains a big helping of strong language).

It’s all gold. From the ALL CAPS title that announces to the world the availability of a “DOPE A** PIMPED OUT LENS” in New York, to the profanity-laced description that had us guffawing with bits like:

  • “SH**’S WIDE. DIDN’T YOU READ WHAT I SAID BEFORE? In a tight room? Make that sh** look like the inside of HODOR’s HEAD.”
  • “BUT WAIT? What’s the aperture again? Can I take it out at night and treat it to a nice dinner? F*** YEAH! 2 point GOD DA** 8…. YOU HEAR THAT? THAT’s USAIN BOLT CRYING because this lens is repping Japan in the next Olympics and he knows he’s gonna LOSE. FAST.”
  • “SHARP-A** COPY. YOU THINK A HUSTLER LIKE ME IS GOING TO SIT BACK AND GET BURNED? Ordered one from Amazon and it was soft, sent that sh** back along with a toe so they knew I meant business — Big Lebowski style. GOT the sharpest copy in their warehouse.”

If you’re not a fan of profanity for humor’s sake, or you left your sense of humor at home today (or lost it years ago), this one probably isn’t for you. On the other hand, if neither of those previous statements describe you, then you absolutely need to check the full ad out by clicking here.

It’s a great way to start off the workday on a humorous note. Although you might want to wait until your boss is out of earshot… there’s a good chance you’ll be literally lol-ing.

(via PetaPixel Reader Tip)