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A Hilarious Collection of Insight and Insults From a College Photography Professor



What do you do when your photography professor at college goes on daily rants and rages, critiquing work with an iron fist while doling out priceless lessons? Well, thankfully, some student thought to start writing said rants and rages down.

But not only did he write them down, he shared them via a Tumblog so that the rest of the world could see, read and laugh hysterically at the brilliance and brutality of this awesome photo prof.

Called S**t My Photography Professor Says, this blog (which, sadly, hasn’t been updated since March of 2011) consists of page-after-page of photographic cliché no-nos and so much more. The professor goes by the name Roma, but that’s about all we have to go off of. A few comments on Reddit from former students of Roma suggest that these are indeed things he has said and continues to say as a professor at an unnamed university.

Just to get you started, here’s a nice little collection of some of the best we’ve found:

  • You did NOT photograph a homeless person.
  • Don’t you dare go to Chinatown. Leave the f**king Chinese alone.
  • Don’t default to your intelligence. Your intelligence will let you down. It makes you overthink things. But feel — you can never overfeel things.
  • Every time you do it right, you make it harder to do it right again.
  • I was addicted to midol in the 90s. I’m considering starting back up again.
  • Ugh. Just by looking around, I think none of you should procreate.
  • Do you know what happens when you give white kids a camera? They come back with photos of little black kids throwing up gang signs. True story. When I was teaching at Yale, every single privileged motherf**ker went out to a poor neighborhood and came back with photos of little kids throwing up gang signs. I didn’t even know what they were doing. I thought they all had arthritis.

As you can see, the quotes are golden and will definitely give you a good hour of laughs. As said above, it’s been dead since 2011, but a commenter on Reddit who will be taking this professor’s class soon has considered attempting to take over and begin updating the quotes next semester.

Fingers crossed this means many more pages worth of laughable insults and brilliant insights. Be sure to check out the Tumblr for more and share your favorite with us below.

(via Photography On The Brain)