Learn How to Remove a Bra … Strap … In Photoshop

In an ideal world, every photograph from a shoot would come out as we initially envision it. Perfect light, perfect focus, perfect everything. But, that’s not the reality of it.

The reality is that no matter how much we focus on the perfect light or perfect focus, in the heat of the moment, we often lose track of some of the details — and as they say, “the devil’s in the details.” One of those details can be the dreaded bra-strap, peeking through on the shoulder of someone wearing a low-cut shirt.

From the always-helpful crew over at Phlearn comes a tutorial to assist in fixing this particular problem, using good ‘ole Photoshop. It’s a simple fix, even without the tutorial, but coming in at only four and a half minutes, it’s worth a watch to see how best to approach this particular problem.

(via Picture Correct)