Jimmy Chin Climbs World Trade Center Spire in Eye-Popping 360° Video


For the recent “New York Issue” of The New York Times Magazine, mountaineer and Nat Geo photographer Jimmy Chin was sent to the top of the tallest point in New York City: the One World Trade Center’s spire. And this vertigo-inducing 360° video lets you join him up there.

“Whenever you’re in New York, it’s like going to a mountain range,” narrates Chin over panoramic views of Manhattan captured from the platform below the spire. “As a climber, your eye is drawn towards the biggest, most beautiful mountain in the range. And in the Manhattan skyline, that mountain is the World Trade Center.”

In this short video, you get to climb that mountain with him, enjoying a 360° view that most of us will never get to (or, perhaps, would never want to) experience in the flesh.

To see the photos Chin captured from the top—as well as a few helicopter photos of Chin climbing up there—check out the New York Issue by clicking here.

(via Laughing Squid)