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Creative Music Video Inspired by Double Exposure Photography


From NYC-based filmmaker Paul Trillo, whose work we’ve featured a couple of times before here on PetaPixel, comes a new visual journey in collaboration with Los Angeles-based soul-folk duo The Peach Kings.

Inspired by the technique of double-exposure photography, Trillo took it the extra mile in the music video for “Be Around”, a song off of The Peach Kings’ upcoming EP Mojo Thunder. Shooting very textured, story-telling video while traveling, he then overlaid video of band members Paige and Steven to create an almost ethereal, three-dimensional journey.

Here are a few GIFs Trillo sent us when he told us about the video:




Having worked with Trillo previously on the music videos for the songs “Lonely” and “Thieves & Kings”, the duo knew they could trust him when it came to creating a video to coincide with the new song. In a statement made to Indie Shuffle, Trillo had the following to say about the creation process and collaboration:

My approach to the Peach Kings videos has always been to match the tone and feeling of the song. It sounds simple but it’s something a lot of people overlook. The “Be Around” video doesn’t tell so much of a literal narrative or sync to the lyrics. What I hope it does is evoke the sound in a visual form…

It’s also a sort of extension of my previous work that plays with negative and positive space. The double exposure technique I think works well with the themes in the song since it’s about saying one thing and doing something else. The more truthful thoughts are usually held within and we have trouble letting them out.

I’d say he accomplished his goal. The visuals and lyrics combine beautifully into the motion picture equivalent of double-exposure photography. What do you think of the music video? Let us know in the comments down below.