Nikon Unveils Capture NX-D: A New RAW Image Processor for Nikon Shooters


In a rather interesting development that was somewhat overshadowed by the announcement of the Nikon D4s, Nikon has unveiled a new piece of photo editing software made specifically for processing images from Nikon cameras.

Nikon Capture NX-D, as it’s being called, is a post-processing tool for adjusting RAW NEF and NRW files captured with the company’s DSLRs, 1-series and compact cameras. Unfortunately, public reaction to the program so far hasn’t exactly been positive.

Image credits: Screenshot courtesy of Nikon Rumors
Image credits: Screenshot courtesy of Nikon Rumors

Currently available as a free beta on Nikon’s website, the goal is to replace the current Capture NX 2 system, but Nikon has had to leave out some key features in the process.

In the pros column is a revamped UI, the addition of non-destructive editing, and better support for those who use multiple monitors. But that column is being dwarfed by the cons, which include the loss of the U-point editing system, settings savings and masking, as well as a more cumbersome experience overall.

Of course, the program is currently in beta, so hopefully some of this will be fixed before the final version is due on ‘this summer,’ but the fact that Nik is no longer designing the NX editing suite seems to be having a negative impact overall.


Negatives aside, the new features are exciting and the price of ‘on the house’ makes it hard to complain. As Imaging Resource points out, Nikon was probably every bit as put off by Google buying Nik Software as many others, and releasing a capable free RAW editor of their own will likely turn out to be a positive move.

The manual for the program is available here, while even more information can be found in the Nikon Press Room. Once you’ve given it a download, be sure to let us know what you think! Obviously there are other mainstream options when it comes to editing your Nikon RAW files, could you see yourself replacing one of those with NX-D?