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Infographic Gives You Nine Ways to Grow Your Photography Business in 2014



If 2014 is finally the year you plan to turn your love of photography into a business and see if you can quit your day job to do something you enjoy, then PhotoShelter is here to help. In the infographic below, they provide you with nine very useful tips that will help you begin to look at photography from the business side of things.

The infographic is actually part of a new 2014 Photo Business Plan Workbook that PhotoShelter is giving away for free to those people willing to dole out their email address information. But if the PDF guide is the full article, you can consider the infographic a TL;DR of sorts.

Here it is (click here for a high res version, or click on the image to get PhotoShelter’s full 2014 Business Plan Workbook):

Some of the tips seem very straight forward, but each of the 9 steps is crucial if you want to build a successful photography business.

Whether you’re starting from scratch or have just decided to breathe new life into the business you’re already running, they’ll help to point you in the right direction and make sure you don’t miss some critical business element that might not have even crossed your mind.