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PRO Photographer: Daily Photo News and Premium Magazine Articles All in One Place


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PRO Photographer magazine just released an app that it’s calling “a new media hub for the connected photographer.” More specifically: it’s an iPad, iPhone and Android phone app that, for the first time, brings together premium magazine content and live, curated news feeds under one digital roof.

It’s that idea that intrigued us when the folks over at PRO Photographer came to ask us if we’d be willing to syndicate out some of our content for their live news feed. There are great photography magazines, and there are fantastic daily photography blogs and other such resources, each offering something of value to their readers.

But as far as we know, this is the first time someone has combined both in one easy to navigate iPad app that can keep you up to date each day, while also giving you something more to chew on once every two months.

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“As solo creatives and business-owners, professional photographers are always scratching for inspiration; it’s their stock-in-trade,” says PRO Photographer publisher and professional tog James Frankham. “But while the Internet is awash in great imagery and helpful ideas, photographers don’t have the time to sift through it all.”

“This app does that for you,” continues Frankham, “featuring the opinion-leaders in the world of photography and sensational content to gnaw on, all in one place.”


The app comes in two varieties, both free: one for iOS and Android phones that only features the live news feeds, and one for iPad (Android in the works) that allows you to purchase individual issues or subscribe to the PRO Photographer magazine content as well, so that you can get the best of both worlds.

And since we’re one of the hand-full of publications selected to be a part of their curated news feeds, you guys and gals get to try out the full PRO Photographer experience with a login that gives you access to Issue 2 for free.

Download app

When you download the iPad app, all you have to do is pull up one of the feature stories from Issue 2 (the Print to Pixels article written by Jörg Colberg is particularly interesting), click on “Login” at the bottom of the article snippet, and type in PetaPixel for the surname and 11526029 for the subscription number. (Buying a subscription subsequently will unlock Issue 3, and for Petapixel users, the bonus Issue 1 also!)

So head over to the iTunes App Store (iPhone and iPad) or Google Play to pick up a copy of your own. And once you do, feel free to let the PRO Photographer folks know what you think the comments down below.

When we spoke with Frankham over the phone, he told us that they’re always looking to add features and further enhance the experience for readers, so don’t hesitate to suggest ways they can do that.