Humor: Walmart Warns You of Flammable Liquids in Your Canon P&S’s Tanks…


This one is just too silly not to share. While browsing through Walmart’s website looking for deals to share with their readers, the folks over at 1001 Noisy Cameras ran across a strange warning.

When they tried to put the Canon Elph 115 IS into their cart to see the discounted price, a warning popped up that read:

Due to federal restrictions, this item cannot be returned by mail. Before returning the item to your local Walmart store, please be certain that all tanks are completely empty of all flammable liquids, if applicable.

True, we don’t cover point and shoots a lot, but when did Canon start adding tanks of flammable liquid!? According to 1001 Noisy Cameras, the warning was coming up right after clicking the orange “Add to Cart” button, but it looks like Walmart has since fixed the problem.