Creative Paper Company Ad Brings Tissue Paper Animals to Life Through Stop Motion

Here’s something really cool and creative for you to watch as you’re getting ready for TGIF. The video above, a commercial for Japanese paper company Nepia, is one of the more inventive and probably difficult to create stop motion animations we’ve run across.

The ad was put together by ad agency Dentsu, and the concept behind it is simple. Paper comes from the forest, and so they wanted to show the lives of forest animals using tissue paper. The ad is meant to emphasize Nepia’s dedication to creating sustainable forests because, as they say in the video description, “Great tissue comes from great trees. We thank our forests.”


Of course all of that is lost on you once you watch the video because you’re much more likely to get caught up in the complexity and beauty of the ad than you are in its message. Each of the animals you see were made from a single piece of tissue paper, and it took the Dentsu team 6 full days to shoot all the necessary frames.

Here’s a behind the scenes video Dentsu put together so you can see how some of the trickier segments were created and shot:

To see more of Dentsu‘s work, or if the ad somehow got you interested in looking into Nepia, head over to either of their websites by following the corresponding links. Or, if you’re like me, just click play on the video at the top again…. and again… and maybe one more time after that.

(via Laughing Squid)