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Are Selfies Killing the Photo Album?



Young people love to take selfies and don’t really care about printing photos and putting them in albums. That might not be the biggest shocker of the year, but a new British survey at least puts some numbers to this amateur photography trend that’s leaving us with a lot fewer prints and a lot more digital clutter.

The poll, commissioned by Samsung, asked 3,000 young adults about their photo habits, and the biggest finding was that a full 30% of the photos taken by people age 18-24 are selfies, with men more likely than women to turn the camera on themselves.


Other metrics include:

  • A total of 1.9 billion images are captured in Britain every month, with 328 million of those shared online.
  • Only a third of all young people think to put printed photos into an album.
  • On the other end, 13% say they’ve never used a photo album in their lives.
  • For sharing images, 53% of young folk prefer Facebook.
  • And 10% are uploading smartphone photos to the Web within 60 seconds of snapping them.

So to answer the question posted in the title: in short, yes… yes they are. On the other hand, there are plenty of non-selfie reasons to blame. Sure, an album full of self-portraits would be lame, but the bigger problem is that we don’t print our photos anymore.

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again: print what you want to preserve… and stop taking only selfies.

(via The Telegraph)

Image credit: selfie by kimncris and albums by Tiffany Dawn Nicholson (TDNphoto)