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Art Streiber on Photographing the Cast of Duck Dynasty



The concept for season three of Duck Dynasty was to take the Robertsons even MORE over the top than they already are and bring their outdoor ‘world of camo’ INDOORS! I worked very closely with Marissa Grasso, Meghan Kirsch, and Sarah Freed at A&E, set designer Nick Tortorici, and wardrobe stylist Ivy Jarrin to create the look of the campaign.

Nick created three all-camo sets—including one in all pink for the DD ladies — and Ivy designed and hand-produced all of the camo wardrobe looks for the cast (and had pink versions made for the ladies, as well).

For the living-room set, we motivated the light from the (fake) windows. On the green camo set, we went for a traditional soft-studio look, and on the pink camo set, we lit for beauty. The family’s ability to play it straight when surrounded by endless camouflage really worked to our benefit.



Our ‘studio’ was the floor of the arena at the Monroe Convention Center in Louisiana, which usually hosts concerts, circuses, trade shows, and rodeos, but last January it hosted the Robertson clan. At 46,025 square feet, it was easily the largest space my crew and I had EVER had to ourselves.

And while Monroe hosts the annual Miss Louisiana competition, set design and costuming are hard to come by in Louisiana’s eighth largest city. So … all of the sets were built in Los Angeles and shipped to Monroe, and all of wardrobe was designed and handmade in New York and shipped to Monroe to be fitted.




We shot ALL KINDS of variations of three generations of the Robertson family on all three sets, and they could not have been more accommodating or professional. Phil Robertson even serenaded us with a variety of duck calls!

They were absolutely lovely to work with and quite happy, happy, happy!

Duck Dynasty Season 3

Duck Dynasty Season 3

Duck Dynasty Season 3

Duck Dynasty Season 3

About the author: Art Streiber is a freelance photographer based out of Los Angeles. He specializes in reportage, travel, portrait and entertainment photography. You can find more of his work on his website here. This article originally appeared on the Stockland Martel blog.

Image credits: Photographs by Art Streiber and used with permission.