The LensHide is an Ultra-Portable Invisibility Cloak for Wildlife Photographers


The LensCoat LensHide is a new portable blind for wildlife photographers that helps you become invisible to the wild animals you’re taking pictures of. LensCoat calls the product “the best-engineered portable blind in the market.”

There are a number of features that make the LensHide an attractive option for wildlife shooters. First of all, it’s ultra portable: the lightweight camouflage material can be carried around in a small storage bag when it’s not in use. After the 2.5-pound LensHide is taken out, the bag has belt hoops and can be used as an accessory pocket.


To use the LensHide, simply open it up and slide it over your camera, lens, tripod, and yourself.


The material is breathable, and there’s an expanded camo mesh window that lets air in and that allows you to look out into the scene.


The “cap” part of the blind can be tightened around your head with a Velcro closure to keep the blind in place. An Elastic Cinch strap on the front secures the hide to your lens barrel.


On the top of the blind is a Velcro slot that lets you shoot with a protruding flash unit.


Here’s a short 2-minute video that introduces the LensHide:

…and here’s what you’ll look like while shooting with the LensHide in the great outdoors:


The LensHide is available in “tree” and “snow” versions through the LensCoat store. Both varieties cost $120 each.