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Humor: The Pain of Being Rejected as Someone’s Passerby Photographer


Here’s a little bit of photographic humor to help get you through to hump day. Have you ever been asked to take someone’s picture in public? Most of us have had this experience: a tourist or a family comes over and hands you their smartphone so they can get a complete family pic.

But after you’ve taken their photo — a photo, mind you, that you with your photographic expertise deem to be the most beautiful photo they’ve ever had taken — have you ever seen them go up to someone else just minutes later and ask them to take the same photo? What the!?

Australian video-blogger Natalie Tran pegged the reaction most of us have to this scenario with surprising accuracy and more than a little bit of humor in her most recent video. Everyone who’s remotely into photography does it: we go all “pro photographer” when a stranger asks us to take their picture.


Seeing your photo rejected just a few minutes later is like having it disqualified as a National Geographic Photo Contest winner — ok, definitely not that bad.

It’s a silly video but it captures both the taking of the photo — where you’re trying to get the tourist to pose just right and assuming one of the ridiculous “camera sutra” positions — to the reaction at being replaced by another stranger. Check out the video at the top for a quick chuckle, but be warned, there is some profanity and a couple of half-finished F-bombs dropped here and there.

(via Doobybrain)