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Snapsation: A New Website Where Clients Can Connect with Local Photographers


Photographers need clients, and clients need photographers (even if they don’t always think they do). The issue is that most clients have no idea how to find good quality local photographers; they have no place where they can find reviews, look through work and pricing, and compare photogs side-by-side. In lieu of other options, many amateurs in particular get work through a quality website, cold calls and word of mouth.

Photographer, developer and Google+ founding member Chris Chabot is trying to streamline this process with his new website Snapsation: an online marketplace where clients and the photographers they need can do business.


Snapsation is simply that: a photography marketplace. Photographers can create profiles and showcase their work and pricing by location and style. Clients, then, can browse through all of the photographers in their area based on the type of work they’re looking for.

The client can view prices and portfolios from several photographers one right after the other, they can browse through customer reviews, and once a client has found a photographer whose work they like, they can contact them right from within the Snapsation website.

Payment is done entirely through Snapsation as well. Photographers can link their checking/savings account or PayPal to the website and set their own prices. Snapsation simply tacks on 10% to your price as their cut. Once you’ve completed an assignment and delivered the goods, payment will automatically go through.


For now, nobody knows just how well Snapsation will do. The idea is solid, and both photographers and clients stand to benefit, we simply have to wait and see if the Internet gods decide to bless Snapsation with the right combination of timing and virality for it to get big, and watch the website evolve from there.

The site is still very young, meaning that most cities are bereft of any photographic talent for their prospective clients, so if you’d like to offer your services through Snapsation and open another marketing channel, you can do so by clicking here.

(via Thomas Hawk)