Eye-Fi Mobi Beams Photos from Camera to Phone or Tablet Instantly


Eye-Fi has offered the ability to wirelessly transmits photos from a camera to another device for quite a while now, but there was a downside: you were required to connect to a Wi-Fi hotspot to do so (with the exception of the Eye-Fi X2). This presented a challenge to photographers shooting on location where a Wi-Fi hotspot may not have been readily available.

Eye-Fi has come forth with their new “Eye-Fi Mobi” product, which streamlines the process of sending images to a mobile device.

The Mobi works by broadcasting its own Wi-Fi signal, making it easy to transfer images. The downside? It only works with iOS and Android devices (this includes tablets).

So what’s the difference between the Mobi and the already-available Eye-Fi X2? Apparently, the Eye-Fi Mobi simplifies the whole process with a more user-friendly experience.


Features of the Mobi cards include an instantaneous setup (which entails installing the Eye-Fi application, using a 10-digit code to complete the pairing), and real-time sharing that will update your device’s camera roll as you shoot — which makes this a back up solution, as well — at impressive speeds. Eye-Fi says this is a Class 10 card, so you can expect expedited transmissions.

You can pick up an Eye-Fi Mobi for about $50 for the 8GB variant, and about $80 for the 16GB version.

(via Eye-Fi via Engadget and Gizmodo)