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Shooting an Uber Colorful 5K, as Seen by the Camera


The Color Vibe 5K is a run that takes place all over the United States between February and November, benefiting charities and non-profits in each city they stop in. During and after the event, participants get a little crazy and pelt each other with colored powder. By the end of the race, the organizers of the event are proud to call you an “exciting and vivid walking masterpiece.”

On April 20th, a massive crowd of people got together to participate in the Rochester, NY stop of the Color Vibe. Needless to say, an event this colorful is a chance to get some great photos, and so photo editor Anthony Bristol and editor-in-chief John Walthall of the Monroe Doctrine asked photographer Christian Ramirez if he would go to the event.

But rather than send him out there with a digital camera, they asked if he would shoot Color Vibe using a 35mm SLR with Kodak Ektachrome E100S slide film. Not only did he agree, he strapped a video camera to his SLR to capture a POV video of the shoot in action.

Here are some of the shots he got while getting pelted with colored powder:




Color Vibe 5K Rochester, NY




And here’s the man himself, dust mask and all:


To see more from Ramirez and his coverage of Color Vibe, you can visit his website by clicking here.

Image credits: Photographs by Christian Ramirez/Staff Photographer Monroe Doctrine and used with permission.