ElementsXXL Plug-In Makes Photoshop Elements Much More Photoshop-Like


Amateurs just getting into post-processing sometimes opt to purchase the much cheaper Photoshop Elements over spending the hundreds more it would cost to get the industry standard pro version. Unfortunately, the gap in features between Elements and the upgrade leaves a lot to be desired, which is why the ElementsXXL plug-in came to be.

ElementsXXL is a Windows-only plug-in that brings a massive list of features previously reserved for the full-featured Photoshop to Elements — all for only $50.

Given the extent of the upgrade, and the plug-in’s seamless integration, $50 (or $40 if you buy it before April 15th) is a pittance. While it can’t do everything — CMYK support, video editing and 3D editing among others still aren’t included — the number of things ElementsXXL can do far outstrips the number it can’t.


We’re not going to detail all of the features here, but some of the key features ElementsXXL brings over from Photoshop include: scripts, new adjustment layers, soft proofing, auto-align and auto-blend functions, vector masks, smart objects, and many more — in all the list of features numbers over 100.

Additionally, the plug-in integrates seamlessly into the current Elements drop-down menus, even going so far as to add commonly used short cuts such as Ctrl+J for adding a new layer and Ctrl+M for adjusting curves.


You can check out a full list of features, see more screenshots and/or snag your own copy by heading over to the plug-in’s website here. For now you can grab a copy for only $40, but after April 15th that price goes back up to $50.

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