4-Gigapixel Mars Panorama Created Using 407 Photos Taken by Curiosity


For a while now we’ve been sharing photos beamed home by NASA’s rovers on Mars. From panoramas by the old timer Opportunity to selfies by the new kid Curiosity, we’re starting to see more and more of the Red Planet many millions of miles away. Andrew Bodrov, however, has taken it to the next level.

By putting together 407 photos taken by both the Narrow Angle Camera (NAC) and Medium Angle Camera (MAC) on Curiosity, Bodrov has created the amazing 4-gigapixel 360-degree panorama you see below. A panorama so vast it’ll make you feel like you’re using street view on Mars (something Google’s probably already working on … ).

The panorama was put together using 295 images from the NAC (100mm focal length) and 112 images from MAC (34mm focal length). The photos — which include a view of Mount Sharp similar to the one we’ve seen before — were taken on Mars solar days 136-149, with the MAC’s entire contribution coming on solar day 137.

Check out the embedded panorama below and be sure to click fullscreen to get the full experience:

Update on 12/16/21: This embed has been removed by its owner. You can still watch it here.