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Safelight: An Easy Way to Proof and Sell Your Photography Directly to Clients



Designer and web developer Ryan Taylor has developed a nifty piece of online software for photographers that he hopes to get funded through Kickstarter by the end of this month. Dubbed Safelight, the software would offer an online selling and proofing solution for those photographers who want to integrate an interactive store into their online portfolio.

From the get-go, Safelight would allow photographers to easily create and maintain three types of galleries for their clients to browse: purchasing galleries, limited purchasing galleries, and proofing galleries.


The purchasing and limited purchasing galleries are fairly self-explanatory. Using Safelight, the photographer would log into the admin area to create and upload previews of photos, which the client could then order on their end.

The photographer has control over the sizes offered, their designated prices, and, in the case of limited purchasing galleries, how many total prints are available. The client is only a few clicks away from selecting all of the photos they want to order (you can even make digital prints available if you wish) and sending that order to you.


The third (and most requested) type of gallery — the one that actually spawned the idea for Safelight — is the proofing gallery. Here, photographers and clients can engage in a virtual dialog about the requested prints, so that clients can get exactly the proof they want.

As the photog, you can continue to upload different proofs until your client approves (and purchases) the final on his or her end.


For now, the Kickstarter hasn’t picked up much steam; with 26 days left it’s only 8 backers and £381 of £38,000 in. But if you’re interested in backing the project or learning more about it, head over to the funding page and see what it’s all about.

At this point you can pick up Hobbyist (5 max galleries), Professional (15 max galleries) or Studio (unlimited galleries) licences for £50, £100 and £250 (approximately $75, $150, and $375), respectively — all with an estimated delivery date of September 2013. But in the future, Taylor hopes to add much more functionality to Safelight, including the ability to create galleries for and sell your Instagram snaps.

Safelight [Kickstarter]