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A Basic Lens Intro for Beginners


For beginners in the world of photography, getting a good grasp on the types of lenses available and when you might want to use them is an important step. So, given that there’s a lot of glass out there, we thought we’d share this basic lens intro from Pentax.

Seeing as it’s made by Pentax, all of the lenses photographer Kerrick James talks about are, of course, Pentax brand. The basic information is all the same though, even if you choose to leave out the Pentax lens suggestions at the end of each segment when you’re explaining this to your newest photography recruit.

Of course, there is infinitely more to learn about lenses, from how they’re made to the optical magic used in something like Metabones’ Speed Booster to much, much more. But if you’re just starting out, or you know someone who is, this is a great intro into the money hungry wonderful world of glass.

(via Reddit)