Studio Street Portraits From Two Hundred Feet Away

Photographers are usually trying to get closer to their subjects, be that in the wild or on the street. The photographers of MUMUȘ Photo Hub in Bucharest, Romania, however, decided to take a step back … actually quite a few steps back.

For a recent day of photography, they decided to take their studio outdoors (not a new idea) while leaving their photographer behind (quite a bit more original). Moving their lights and backdrop into a crowded area a short way away from their studio, they set up using walkie talkies and then had their photographer take street portraits from a distance.



Brave volunteers would stand in front of the backdrop and pose for the spec with a camera 200 feet away and 5 stories up that was actually taking their picture.

The final photos turned out pretty well, but it’s the idea that ultimately won us over. We could see how taking the camera and putting it that far away might help camera-shy subject loosen up a bit, yielding more ‘real’ and ‘honest’ results.

(via ISO 1200)