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An Aurora Borealis Time-Lapse Proposal


A time-lapse of the aurora borealis captured from several different locations throughout Iceland would be a good enough way to start off your Saturday, but MIT neuroscientist Alex Rivest’s time-lapse from a few months ago takes it one step further.

In a romantic gesture that will either have you saying “awwww” or being annoyed at how high he set the bar, Rivest’s time-lapse ends with a marriage proposal.


We’ve seen many proposals go viral on the internet, but most of them are captured by a stranger who happens to have a camera. The stealthy DC proposal photos and the accidental sunrise proposal both come to mind.

This is the first we’ve seen of someone time-lapsing their way into engagement — and with the aurora borealis as a wingman to boot.

(via Huffington Post)