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Polaroid-Shaped Printer Encourages You to Photograph Your Online Adventures


Here’s an interesting idea/experiment put together by Adrià Navarro and DI Shin that takes photographing your daily life to a whole new level. Fair warning, if you think that taking pictures of your breakfast or your night out bowling is overkill, you should probably stop reading now…

The Polaroid Cacher is a wireless printer housed inside a Polaroid Land Camera case, and its sole purpose is to take pictures of your daily online adventures.

The idea is that we spend so much time online nowadays that at least some of those moments deserve to be preserved as well. The Polaroid Cacher achieves this by working in concert with a browser plugin that lets you frame your most memorable screenshots and print them out for future you to enjoy.

As co-creator Navarro explains:

We believe that our daily online activity—conversations, discoveries, games—is as meaningful as our activity in the physical world and, as such, should be preserved the same way we try to capture every important moment in our life. Especially because most of these experiences will be soon forgotten, lost under layers of information, databases and outdated services.

Granted, it’s a very strange idea based on a pretty radical concept — that concept being that some of your online escapades are memorable enough to photograph and preserve — but if you’re intrigued, you can learn more about the device over on Adrià Navarro’s website.

(via The Creators Project)