Portraits of Grandmas and Their Cooking Around the World

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The words “grandma’s cooking” often elicits warm feelings and pangs of nostalgia in people, as they’re reminded of delicious meals prepared by their grandmother’s loving and experienced hands. Italian photographer Gabriele Galimberti wanted to learn what these memories are for people in different cultures and contexts, so he set out to document grandmas and their dishes in countries all across the globe. The result is a project titled “Delicatessen with love.”

In each country he visited, Galimberti sought out grandmas and asked them to whip up their best dishes. He then created two photographs: one of the woman posing with the ingredients, and a second of the final dish itself.

It wasn’t just his sensor’s pixels that were gathering information on these shoots — his taste buds were too. Galimberti tried out each of the dishes that was prepared for him, from various fish meats and steaks to bugs and veggies. Some of the dishes contain strange and exotic ingredients, but all of them have been tested and perfected through countless preparations over the years.

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You can find the entire series of photographs over on Galimberti’s website.

Image credits: Photographs by Gabriele Galimberti and used with permission