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Carol Of The Bells Played Using Sounds From Inside a Photo Frame Factory

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Custom photo frame maker Alphabet Photography has scored one of the first big viral marketing wins of this holiday season by releasing the creative video above a couple of weeks ago. In it, they play the popular Christmas tune Carol of the Bells using various objects inside the warehouse in which the company’s photo frames are made.

The video is nearing 200,000 views at the time of this writing. Its description reveals the crazy amount of work that went into producing this one-and-a-half minute clip:

This video was shot in our warehouse, using sounds from the machinery that we use daily, assembling our Alphabet Photography custom framed orders. This was rehearsed more than 125 times, with more than 720 man-hours going into the performance and recording of the video.

This this is yet another interesting example of a photography-related business using a creative video to promote their brand. Canadian camera shop The Camera Store achieved a viral “win” last year with its camera gear war short (and its sequel). A couple of months later, photo studio 2D Photography struck gold by creating and recording a fantastically complex Rube Goldberg machine created out of photo gear.

Perhaps its only a matter of time before we see a video featuring music created using camera gear. It’d be a much greater challenge than what Alphabet Photography did, though. After all, you can’t just add water to a lens to change its pitch… or can you?)

Thanks for sending in the tip, Anil!

1 Comment