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Eye-Fi May Soon Launch Its Own Cloud Photo Sharing Service Called Circ

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It seems like we’re saying this every week, but the cloud photo storage industry is becoming more and more packed. Heck, even AT&T launched its own service called Locker earlier this month. The next entrant to the arena looks like it will be a photography company we didn’t expect: wireless SD card maker Eye-Fi.

There’s a mysterious landing page over at getcirc.com that’s titled “Circ | Photo Revolution.” From the text and icons on the page, it looks like it’ll be yet another service that allows you to backup your photos to the cloud through a mobile device, and then view those images across devices.

The 5 functions listed are: sync, organize, view, share, and keep. “Keep” is illustrated with a cloud graphic containing an infinity symbol, suggesting that the service will offer either infinite and/or indefinite cloud storage (we’re guessing its both).

A quick trademark search reveals that Eye-Fi filed for the “Circ” trademark back on August 9, 2012. The simple description of the service states,

[…] a web-based and/or cloud computing-based server system and downloadable software application for uploading, downloading, transferring, display, editing, sharing, synchronization and electronic storage of digital photographs and video across multiple platforms and multiple electronic devices

Yup — it sounds just like all the other services that have been popping up like popcorn as of late. Eye-Fi’s advantage would be that it can streamline the process of getting photos from non-connected cameras (e.g. most DSLRs) into the cloud, and subsequently onto your mobile devices.

We’ll likely hear the complete details soon, since the website says the service will be available sometime this month.

Circ (via The Phoblographer)

1 Comment