A Graphical Comparison of Mirrorless Camera Sensors Sizes

Mirrorless cameras feature sensors larger than compact cameras and bodies smaller than DSLRs, but how do their sensor sizes compare with one another? To give you a better idea of how formats such as Nikon CX and Olympus/Panasonic Four Thirds stack up against each other, Digital Camera Database created this helpful graphic showing the relative sizes of each format.

Sony’s new RX1 proves that full-frame sensors can be stuffed into mirrorless-sized cameras. Sadly, that camera doesn’t offer interchangeable lenses, but over the next few years we may see more cameras filling up that last column that’s currently dominated by Leica rangefinders.

The graphic above only covers the common sensor formats used in mirrorless cameras. If you want to see how your non-mirrorless camera’s sensor compares to the ones above, check out this handy comparison found over on Wikipedia:

You can also use the websites Digital Camera Database or Camera Image Sensor for direct comparisons between specific camera models.

(via Photoxels)