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ThrowMeApp: Use Your Smartphone for Camera Toss Photography


Do you trust your hand-eye coordination enough to throw your Android smartphone into the air? If so, you can now use it for automated camera toss photography. ThrowMeApp is a new app created by programmer Anton Beitler, a student at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology.

Just like the camera toss feature that Nikon is apparently developing, ThrowMeApp simplifies the camera throw process by making all the important decisions for you: it attempts to trigger your phone’s shutter as close to the peak of the trajectory as possible, and while the phone’s camera is pointed downward.

It does this by using the accelerometer in your phone to (1) estimate the velocity of your phone, and (2) calculate the average fall time over the previous 5 camera tosses. All that’s left for you to place the phone flat in your hand, tap the screen, and throw it into the air (and catch it once it comes back down, of course).

Here are some sample photographs shot by Beitler and his classmates:

ThrowMeApp is available as a free download over in the Google Play store.

Image credit: Photo illustration based on Throwing a Coin for Luck by Joshua Drew Vaughn