Bird Photo Booth Lets You Snap Stealthy Photos of Birds Eating

Bird Photo Booth is the world’s first bird feeder that doubles as an iPhone and GoPro photo booth. Invented by photographer and bird-watcher Bryson Lovett, the hardwood feeder uses food to lure your feathery friends into closeup portrait sessions. Photographs can be snapped remotely by pairing your iPhone with an iPad that’s running a remote camera app.

Lovett writes,

Set it up in your backyard in seconds and watch wild backyard birds strike a pose for you in Bird Photo Booth. Stunning close up photos are merely a tap away. You, the photographer decide the perfect moment to take stunningly detailed macro photos and video, that rivals expensive DSLR telephoto zoom lenses.

The design of the booth is inspired by the original Polaroid Land Camera from the 1950s:

This video shows how easy a portrait session is using the feeder and two iOS devices:

Here are some sample photos shot using the combo demonstrated above:

Lovett is currently trying to raise $35,000 through Kickstarter to begin mass-producing the handmade feeders. A pledge of $149 will pre-order a Bird Photo Booth, which has a March 2013 ship date.

Bird Photo Booth (via Incredible Things)