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Shooting Studio-Lit Portraits of a Dancer in Motion at 14FPS Using a Canon 1D X


The 14 frame per second continuous shooting speed of the Canon 1D X DSLR probably isn’t a feature you’d associate with studio-lit portraiture, but that’s exactly what Australian fashion photographer Georges Antoni demonstrates in the short clip above. Using the Broncolor Scoro for stobe lighting, Antoni unleashes the full FPS potential of the camera in order to capture a model dancing in as many still frames as possible.

After a few seconds of rapid-fire shooting, you’ll have a boatload of potential photographs to pick from. It’s the spray and pray philosophy — one that’s becoming more and more feasible given the improvement of storage technologies and the fact that cameras can shoot high quality stills faster than ever.

Before long, this type of photo might be achieved by simply pointing a video camera at a model and asking them to dance for a few seconds. How crazy would it be if (or when) every single still frame in a video could be extracted and used in a fashion magazine spread or as a billboard advertisement?

Thanks for sending in the tip, Kris!