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Disturbing Attack on Photographer Aired by Discovery Channel Reality Show


People do some pretty dumb things on reality TV shows, but perhaps none more asinine than this. During the filming of the Discovery Channel’s reality TV show The Devils Ride back in January, the camera crew captured footage of a confrontation between one of the show’s subjects and photographer Ashi Fachler, who was taking pictures from a public sidewalk. Here’s the description of the clip above (warning: it’s pretty disturbing):

When a photographer gets too close to a group of club wives and girlfriends enjoying a dinner out, Charles, a Laffing Devils prospect, steps in.

In case you didn’t catch that, Fachler was assaulted by a number of people involved in the show simply because he was getting too close while photographing from a public space.

Here’s an email sent out by his girlfriend after the incident:

There was a filming crew outside the Lincoln Room on the public sidewalk. As he stopped and took a photo, a woman asked him if he was with the press-before he could answer she clicked her PTT and nodded to a security guard who then started pushing Ashi with his shoulder away from the filming crew that was on a public sidewalk. He then faced Ashi and grabbed both of Ashi’s upper arms, holding him firmly and Ashi yelled that this is an assault, get off of me. While being restrained by the first security guard, Ashi was sucker punched from behind and then punched in the face two more times by another person, then Ashi and the security guard went to the ground together where Ashi was kicked and stomped.

Nobody came to his aid or called 911. As soon as he was oriented, he called 911 himself and was taken by ambulance to Scripps Mercy Hospital . He has a fracture to his nasal bone and another fracture in his cheek area. He also has a black eye he cant see out of along with a sprained ankle and sprained neck.

There’s a disturbing photograph of what Fachler’s face looked like in the aftermath of the attack. We’d rather not show it here, but you can see it over on Pixiq.

While the confrontation is definitely “reality TV material”, it’s also wrong. Fachler is reportedly in the process of filing a lawsuit.

(via Pixiq)