Silly Photographs of Dressed-Up Bulldogs from 1905

When you think about photographs from the early 1900s, you probably think about boring monochrome photos of locations or portraits of people with humorless expressions and rigid poses. Photographs costed more in terms of time, effort, and money back then, so photographers didn’t waste them on silly photos, right? Wrong.

This series of photographs was created around 1905 by an unknown artist. Titled Bulldogs in Fancy Dress, it’s being preserved for eternal chuckles in the Library of Congress’ photo archives.

The photos were all shot with a 8×10 large format camera, and show bulldogs wearing various outfits of the time. One is an “old sea dog” and has a huge pipe sticking out of its jaws. Another is an older lady, wearing a dress and a hat adorned with flowers.

Makes you wonder: what will future generations think about photographs taken today?…