Momentum: Life as a Top Notch Surf Photographer

If you’ve ever flipped through a surf magazine and wondered how some of those incredible barrel riding pictures were taken, then this two part Momentum documentary on surf photographer Zak Noyle will be particularly interesting to you.

When you think of underwater photography the first thing that comes to mind is typically colorful fish in deep waters, and a man decked out in scuba gear. That’s nothing like the kind of work Noyle does for a living. His kind of photography involves swimming in, under and around massive waves with only a helmet, wetsuit and flippers to help him as he hunts down that perfect shot.

Of course, the documentary shows off plenty of Noyle’s more impressive shots and takes you into the water with him many times over in locations ranging from Tahiti to the North Shore of Oahu. But perhaps just as interesting are the details of his upbringing, how growing up around his father’s cameras and photography never tempted him, but how he eventually took to it anyway, finding his own niche and owning it.

In the end it’s a great documentary whether or not you have any specific interest in surf photography because his work ethic and the joy with which he does his job is something all photogs aspire to. So if you have the time, and maybe even if you don’t, check out both parts and let us know what you think in the comments down below.

(via ISO1200)