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A Peek at the Cross Country Life of Car Photographer John Jackson


Car photography isn’t nearly as glamorous or talked about as portrait, wedding and landscape photography, which is probably why you probably have never heard of John Jackson. But well-known or not, he happens to be a great example of the free, “doing what you love” (and taking pictures of it) lifestyle that so many people look for photography to give them.
In this short video you get a small glimpse into Jackson’s life on the road as he chases his passion for cars and car photography to small shops that build awesome hotrods. He also talks about some of the challenges of being a car photographer, and how he often feels looked down on by portrait and wedding photographers who, in his opinion, often have it a little easier.

On a related note: it is very possible that this video will make you want to buy a 1964 van, fill it with photography gear, and drive cross-country… so consider yourself warned.

(via Strobist)