Instaglasses: Concept Glasses That Apply Your Filter Of Choice to Everyday Life

You know society has gone a little filter-crazy when a concept for Instagram glasses shows up on the scene, but we have to admit that Instaglasses make for an interesting idea. The basic premise is that Instagram fanatics aficionados would be able to use these to always see the world in filters. When they then glimpsed a scene that looked especially artsy with the Amaro or Inkwell filters applied, they could use a button on the side of the glasses to capture and upload that image to Instagram.

The concept is just that, a concept, and creator Markus Gerke has made it clear he is not interested in trying to produce these or make any money off of them, he just wanted to show how the idea might be done.

Fortunately, this means there’s no need to worry that in three years time the world will be split between people who wear Google Glass and people who wear Instaglasses. But still, there’s no denying that the Instagram maniacs out there would go wild for glasses that could put an Early Bird filter on their morning commute.

(via Digital Trends)